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The Life of a Nutcase

The stuff they didn't want you to know

Pussycat -Love of Salem
31 March
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Im a goth chick- simply said. WOW- SOMEONE ADMITTED TO BEING A GOTH! Im so goth, i can actually admit to being a goth. Been this way since i was 14. I was on the Jenny Jones show too! WOOHOO!( 1998)I used to Dj, graduated with my 1st degree in photography in 2002, will be 75 when I get my Art History degree. I adore music... it is my life. I love goth, industrial, new age, synthpop, classical, country (yes i love country), ska, metal, old punk, basically anything but rap and jazz. Met Beborn Beton, Danzig, Siouxsie, Orgy,Chieftains, Sunshine Blind, Sevendust, Dust for Life, Voltaire, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, touched ICP (oh boy-they annoy the shit out of me now) umm I cant remember who else.
I am an artist, and many other things. I use many different mediums.
More than anything, I am human. Actually, most times i fell subhuman.
I have 2 nieces and a nephew who are my life. I have a most wonderful husband who truely is my fallen angel. Well, he's my fallen disaster sometimes but arent we all. We got married June 10, 2006 and I am now a wife and a stepmom.
ummm lets see... i work in the medical field-while I should be a nurse, I have no desire. I make patients happy and comfy and all that but Im so not nursey...
i live, eat, breath and worship art and photography as i just said ^ up there.
As for anything else, i cant think. im brain dead at the moment. Wait, not at the moment, always.

Im a traveler. Studied in Italy (Rome, Florence, Pisa, Naples and Pompeii), Ireland (Dublin, Galway and places in between)
My favorite beach is Anna Maria Island to Bradenton Beach. The entire island off Tampa is INCREDIBLE. I love it.
Been to Salem Ma many many times, Chicago. In FL- Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, Venice, Punta Gorda (before the hurricanes). Our honeymoon was to St Pete Beach and we now want to move there.
Been to New York City more times than I can count. I know the city better than I know Baltimore. Various stupid places in Delaware (blah blah) Virginia, PA, etc etc etc. Nothing fancy. Been to Paris also but not for long.

Besides work, family and going to school to finish my art history degree... not too much in my life besides that. Ex's only want me after we break up, my family has a curse on them I swear... we are worse than the Grizwolds. Ummm... I love my dog Meatball and thats all for now.