Pussycat -Love of Salem (loveofsalem) wrote,
Pussycat -Love of Salem

Yippee skippy or some shit

I am looking forward to many things coming up.

Tomorrow after work, I am taking my sweet baby Meatball away for the evening. Found a hotel in Gettysburg that takes dogs so me and Meaty are going away for the night. Its gonna rain which royally sucks ass. Can't be going to a worst place to be rained in... there is nothing to do indoors. May tour one of the "ghost" places but that's about all. Wanna find the Cashtown inn to take pics of. I'd go to dinner there but I dont wanna feel like a loser sitting there alone.

Next Saturday I am shooting the May Day parade which should be fun. Then Wednesday I get my tattoo. I have had this appointment for ages... cannot wait to get this tat. Then the following weekend is the Orpheus reunion. Looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen in years. Not too happy about the fact that these extra 10 lbs I cant get rid of makes me look terrible in my old clothes but it's been about 8 years so I why the fuck do I seriously care? Anyway, looking forward to it. After that, it is finals week! June 19th is M3 festival which I absolutely positively cannot fucking wait for. After that, I have to wait for Aug 14. I need this vacation. My god do I freaking deserve it.
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