Pussycat -Love of Salem (loveofsalem) wrote,
Pussycat -Love of Salem


I cannot wait. I'm going to see Cold. Tim had to work late and told me to find someone to go along with me but had no takers. Luckily he got off work in time so I can go.He's not too excited for the show but I am. When we saw them like 5-6 years ago at uhh... I forget the name of that place that used to be in Brooklyn... but we saw them there and they were terrible. I'm really hoping they don't suck this time. It's at a club in Lancaster PA... are we gonna be rocking out with the Amish? ;0)

May stop at Orpheus to see Spider afterwards but I doubt it. The man is beat from working. I'm really hopeful for a good night. I haven't been out in ages! I could be going to a freaking bullroast and be happy just to get the hell outta the house.
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