Pussycat -Love of Salem (loveofsalem) wrote,
Pussycat -Love of Salem

Something I have learned.

I used to be good at writing papers after a drink or two. Now, it just sounds retarded! LOL

I am SOOOOOOooooOOoOOoo tired. Timmys been throwing up (TMI) and I dont know if its a bug or if its something wrong with his tummy. He gets sick a lot. Worries me. I got a nasty bug but took herbs from work and it helped a lot. I had to take an incomplete in my class so I can actually finish... I was in bed for 3 days not thinking straight. It felt like someone packed a bag of cotton balls in my head. But its going away and I can finally can start doing this final paper.

I really have no clue why Im writing this. Maybe because I am pushing myself to stay awake and TRY to write more of the paper.
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