Pussycat -Love of Salem (loveofsalem) wrote,
Pussycat -Love of Salem


Nothing much new going on. Don't feel so wonderful. Started getting sick last night and today I feel awful. It's ickiness all around. Missing Dave's bday festivities which sucks. I'm doing so well in my History of Modern Design class... I have an 88, 90 and 93 and have one more paper due. Due to my being sick, she's letting me turn it in next week. I couldn't begin to try to write with such a icky head. I'm bummed about this but it happened.

Looking forward to going to the beach next weekend with my family. I am finally doing something for myself and Im going to go for a massage Saturday. Looking forward to that!!!!
Went to see Cold years ago and it SUCKED but they are one of my most favorite bands so I am going Feb 20th to the Chameleon (sp?) club to see them. I don't want to go alone so I had to basically had to bribe my husband to go with me lol But cant wait. If they suck again I will be severely pissed lol

The most exciting thing I cant wait for is the M3 festival. Holy shit I cannot wait for that. I wish Twisted Sister was playing again but oh well. Its going to be amazing times!!!! Lets see...whatelse is going on.. I guess nothing much really.
This is my exciting update. WOOOO! Dont get too overly excited!
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