Pussycat -Love of Salem (loveofsalem) wrote,
Pussycat -Love of Salem

Medicine blows

Im taking muscle relaxers for this HORRIBLE back spasm I am having. I seriously feel like I am going to be sick when it spasms. Im on this muscle crap and it makes me feel like I am chewing on a piece of metal. And it gives me this funky headache. So weird!

I am watching Christmas Vacation for I assure you the 200+ time. I can recite this movie. It is about my family. We are the Grizwolds.

Kinda bored tonight, contemplative about a few things. Thinking about Christmas' past, wishing I went out tonight, wishing I had the snow boots my mother bought me for Christmas, just general junk. I wonder if I go chew on metal, if this taste/smell goes away?

Heard this song on an old cd today...
"I could have missed the pain, but I'd have miss the dance.
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