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Guys are total dickheads. Sorry if you read this and you aren't a total dickhead. If i learned anything in my Women's Perspective class this sem. I should know better to make generalizations or stereotypes about a sex but screw that. Ive been dicked over by so many guys, some I know may read this. Thanks for contributing to fucking up my head. Anyone ever watch that celebrity sex rehab? Amber said something about "they never come back" and it made me think about the 2 guys I dated who supposidly liked me soooo much and ran w/out having the balls to break it off. wtf. Still messes with my head and its been nearly 9 years. I have a xmas cd I put in my car and it has some songs on it that were linked to one of those "guys". It was weird hearing those songs again. It is so funny how music can take you to another time and place. Its such a good thing they did what they did but no one realizes what they are doing and how it will affect that person in the long run. I am TOTALLY guilty of this and makes me feel like shit.

I feel like a failure at life. I come home to a comatose robot in front of a damn video game, I dont know if I will pass math, I am nearing 31 and I dont have a child and I probably wont at this point b/c of health reasons. I see a lot of happy people around me whos spouses like to go out and have fun with them but if my name isn't call of goddamn worthless pieces of shit duty than I dont matter. I am tired of trying to make life better when I am only 50% of the caring. It hurts. A lot. Fuck.
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