Pussycat -Love of Salem (loveofsalem) wrote,
Pussycat -Love of Salem

Months later

I havent updated in a long time. Was without a laptop for a while. It sucked.

Not much new...things are pretty good. We are moving but not sure where right now. Applied at a place today which I wont be too upset if we dont get accepted. Our credits shot because we have a lot of medical bills from our surgeries last year. Timmy and I had surgery the same day in Sept last year. I was out of work for about 6 months then.

I got an incredible job at a acupuncture office. I got promoted and became Office Manager...pretty sweet. I got the inheritance my grandparents left me so I paid some of the credit shit off, got some new stuff around here and we are taking some cool trips. We went on somewhat of a second honeymoon. Things with us were really bad at the beginning of the year. We were close to divorce. The night of my 30th bday party, we almost split. But things are ok now. Way better than it was! We went to Florida and went to Orlando for 4 days (went to Disney for our first time which was incredible and Universal Studios, saw Jim Gaffigan at Hard Rock) and then we went to the same place we went for our honeymoon. Got a huge suite super cheap. On our anniversary, we went to get massages and reflexology which was cool. That night we were too tired to go out for a nice dinner so we just chilled at the hotel restaurant. We stayed at the pool most of the time. We went to Fort Desoto for a bit and saw the most incredbile experience... we walked around there and came to the beach which was STUNNING!!! Timmy looked out and goes "Oh my god there's dolphin everywhere!". It was so neat. Saw gads of pelicans which I love!

That night we went to Carrabba's with my aunt, uncle, nana and cousin. It was awesome...I adore them. It was so awesome to see them. My cousin was allowed out of rehab to come see me. We had a super nice time with them. Went back to my aunt and uncles house for a bit and went back to St Pete Beach. We were supposed to go see Jerica that night and Timmy didnt want to drive to Tampa. I was pretty damn bummed. We went to bed early that night after going to the pool.

Let's see... we went to VA to stay in the cabin with Timm, Jenn, Amy and a bunch of their friends. It was fun minus the horrid headache I had the ENTIRE weekend. Talk about a buzkill. This past weekend, I was supposed to take Patrick, my nephew to Gettysburg to camp. I called for the site and the lady said "it's biker weekend so there's 25,000 bikers coming and its going to be really loud here" which was enough for me to say no. If I dont sleep I am a total bitch. So we went to Hershey PA with the plan on camping there. Then it rained. So we went up to Hershey to go to the park after 5 when its half off. Thank god the rain held off until we were leaving to go to the campground. It POURED so we went home. We had a great time though.
The last weekend in July, we are taking Justin to Cedar Point in Ohio. Im pretty excited but we are only going for the weekend. SUCK

Im pretty damn broke now after doing a lot of stuff and getting stuff for the house. But oh well. We wont ever have the chance to do it again so may as well do it now.

So thats about it. I dont know why I wrote on here... does anyone really even care? lol
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