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Yea Im alive

We had computer issues. My laptop went to hell. Then I started using this computer. I got it when I lived in DC going to Corcoran. So its 8 years old. Serves a purpose but it got viruses too so had to clean it up. It works now. Slow but works.

Things are going really well in life. God fuckin' fig. Tim and I were ready to kill each other for a while. Things werent looking too good. Since then things have changed for the better and its good. Ive been getting acupuncture and physically my body has changed 500%. I am so greatful that I got this job. Not only for the acupuncture but because they want to make me practice manager. My chin hit the goddamn floor!!!!! Im scared but excited. I started at 16 hours a week as receptionist. They were so impressed with my performance that they wanted to give me more responsibilities and all. Now I am full time pretty much and I am a big part of the office. Its great.

I absolutely adore my co-workers. The acupuncturists care about me, my health problems and making me better. My boss waved my co-pay so I can get treated and get better. I havent felt this amazing since I was a child. I have stopped taking my interstitial cystitis medicine, 2 of the 3 antidepressants (I am stopping the 3rd soon...weening off them).The office mngr Susan is just the sweetest person ever. I totally look up to her. She is so full of knowledge about health and stuff. She looks out for me, teaches me a lot and is awesome.

I had a surgery on Jan 30th. I have had REALLY bad acid reflux for sometime. I have gained a lot of weight from the multitude of steroids I have had shot in my hip and stomach. I will NEVER get cortozone again. Makes you blow up like a cow. I am on a serious diet now though. But anyway, I had this thing implanted to my esophagus and for two days I have to wear this stupid thing around my neck. It was like 3x the size of a pager. Everyone kept asking why I had my camera around my neck but it was that thing. It recorded all the data-1 was the WORST possible pH level of acid. Well...it went blank many times. I was at 1.1 consistantly. Mom went to the doc for the results with me. It was bad. They did a biopsy and no cancer yet thank god. But the way I am starting is the SAME thing that happened to Tims dad and he died oh esophageal cancer very young. The dco said no caffeine, chocolate and something else which wsnt an issue to me. The caffeine is HORRIBLE for me. Im addicted to coke...not the white stuff but the soda. I drank at least 2 L a day of soda until the IC diagnosis. Then I went down a lot. Well not with this diag., it has hit me. I only have 1-2 cokes a week. I drink a little bit of caffeine free soda but not much.

The diet is going well. While i am not shedding gads of weight, I am not hugely puffy anymore. Only good thing about gaining weight was a I got a mighty nice rack goin' on now!! lol

My 30th bday is rapidly approaching. Its the best worst day of my life...turning 30 is HORRIBLE for me but I get my trust find that day so woo woo. I know 30 isnt that big of a deal but when I was little I convinced myself that if youre older than 29, youre old lol. I mean, Im not a mom yet which kinda bothers me slightly but hell...I wasnt bringing a child into a marriage that I was not sure if it would last. Tims been afraid of me getting preg bc of all the meds I was/am on. Thats why Im weening off the last one. He and I are a lot alike and thats why when we butt heads, we do it full force. Nowadays, things have gotten much better. We are taking many trips this year. Atlantic City in the spring, the cabin for the 4th of july, im going to OC with the fam hopefully if I can get a day or two off and then we are taking a week to see his fam in SC then going to florida to stay at the resort where we spent our honeymoon. We are thinking about a day or two in Disney. I cant wait to see my nana!!!! Shes 30 min away from the resort. The reason we are going to FL is to see fam.

This is long isnt it?

I am so excted for tomorrow. At work we offer yoga, tai chi and qi gong classes and the free class is tomorrow night so Im pretty excited. I am PRAYING I get 9 more acupuncture patients to come get treatments...if I refer 9 more people I get a $250 bonus and after being out of work so long...we need it. I cost my insurance almost $100,000 last year. You can imagine what I owe too!!!

Well I suppose that is all for my lovely update.
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