Pussycat -Love of Salem (loveofsalem) wrote,
Pussycat -Love of Salem

Im in love with moxa

I slept a lot from last night till this am. I woke up to go to work for my acupuncture treatment. Theres this herb called moxa which smells like weed a bit but its AWESOME! It comes in a stick that looks like charcoal. You light it and blow it out. I dont know what else but anyway, he finds a pressure point and then puts the warm herb on it and it is the most INCREDIBLE feeling. You feel the warmth running throughout that area ie my leg. WOW. Im in love.

The treatment helped a lot but tonight after being in the cold, my joints said fuck you lady! I got off work and went to Smyth jewelers because I have some rings I wanted to sell. HA! $500 worth of rings...they wanted to give me $30. They only pay out for the gold in it which both were thin bands. I said heeeelllll no!

On my way back down York Rd towards home, Bill called and he forgot his key so he couldnt lock the office. So I ran back down York Rd and locked up. From there I ran to five below for a few odds and ends.
I went to Walmart after that which I am SO surpised...it wasnt packed! So I got a few more things.

Got back here, threw some green giant dinner in the pan and cooked that up for us. Damn that stuff is good. Im really upset about my weight. I have NEVER been this heavy in my entire life. Granted I was off work for 5 months, I was on medicine which made me gain plus the steroids did it too. Then I just started getting hungry all the damn time! Starting Jan 2, Im on my diet. I need 1288 calories to loose weight. It wont be horribly hard because I did loose weight last month but this month...I cannot deny myself holiday goodness lol

Well thats all folks. Nothing really exciting. Im cold, achey, miserable and yet happy. Go fig
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